These performances is approved as "The degree of 2019 Minato City cultural support business help group of art activities" and "beyond2020".



【concert A】Flute & Syakuhachi Salon Concert
date : October 6.(sun.) 14:00start
place: Melodiya Minami Aoyama

【Public Rehearsal】Preschooler

date : November 1.(fri.) 11:00start
place: Melodiya Minami Aoyama

date : November 3.(fri.) 15:00start
place: Tessenkai-Nogaku-Kenshu-Jo (Minamiaoyama)


place: Tessenkai-Noh-Hall(Tessenkai-Nogaku-Kenshu-Jo)@OMOTESANDO

4-21-29 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

①Get off TokyoMetro Omotesando Station.
②Take exit A4 and turn left.
③Go straight and down the hill for about 300m.
You can find a concrete building on your left. That buillding is Tessenkai-Noh-Hall




【concert A】
Shilka-no-Tohne(Syakuhachi Solo)
Ravel, Maurice/Undine from "Gaspard de la nuit"(Piano Solo)
J.S.Bach/SONATE E-MOLL,BWV 1034 (Flute Solo)
Miyagi Michio/Haru-no-Umi(Syakuhachi & Flute)

【concert B】
Tsuru-no-Sugomori(Syakuhachi Solo)
Edo Shingo/Syojozi Scherzo(Wind Quintet with Syakuhachi)


Yorita Mamino

Ensemble Levent Wind Quintet:
Ishida Saiko(Flute)
Satake Masato(Oboe)
Nishizawa Izumi(Clarinet)
Nose Aika(Horn)
Ouchi Shusuke(Faggot)


*Unreserved seat

【concert A】Flute & Syakuhachi Salon Concert

general : ¥3,000
Minato residents : ¥2,000


general : ¥4,000
Minato residens : ¥3,000
Levent Club : ¥3,000
Special : ¥8,000
*Special Ticket...Reserve seat,Present(Syakuhachi CD not for sale,Musical Instrument Museum Posesshion )

【Set A&B】
general : ¥6,500

Minato residents : ¥4,500
Special : ¥10,000円(Reserve seat・only 10 seats)
*you can enter A&B both concerts.


【concert A】Flute & Syakuhachi Salon Concert

This Salon Concert is pre concert for Concert by syakuhachi, flute and piano.(concert and workshop)


【Public Rehearsal】Preschoolers OK!!

You can enter this Concert with preschoolers.

We want preschoolers to have fun "Real Music".


This concert is performed at Noh Theater by wind quintet with syakuhachi.

Concert's Thema is "Fueiro". Fueiro means "Sound of many kinds of whistle"

You can enjoy Japanese and European whistle and music.


Mamino Yorita - Syakuhachi(Kinko Ryu grand master)

In third grade elementary student, started taking lessons from Genzan Miyoshi, Chikurinken grand master of Tozan Ryu.
In third year of junior high school, qualified as Tozan Ryu master. Reported in the newspaper as the first, youngest shakuhachi master in Japan.

From age 15 (first year of senior high school), started taking lessons from Yoshinobu Taniguchi (Kinko Ryu Senshinkutsu Grand Master), former visiting professor at Oberlin Conservatory of Music in the US. Learned Kinko Ryu shakuhachi, Buddhist shakuhachi, Zen shakuhachi and all aspects of shakuhachi.
During the same period, received tutelage and direct transmission of works such as Kinko Ryu Shakuhachi Honkyoku and Sankyoku Gassokyoku from Reibo Aoki II, a living national treasure. Furthermore, received direct transmission of works such as Watazumido Dokyoku from Koden Shakuhachi Honkyoku, Azuma Ryu Honkyoku (Fukuda Rando Kyoku) and modern pieces from Katsuya Yokoyama, a world famous shakuhachi player under his tutelage, and received tutelage and direct transmission from Hoan Kojima XLI of Myoan Ryu, and received praises from various masters.

Became licensed as Kinko Ryu Grand Master at age 16 (2nd year in senior high school), the youngest nation-wide and an exceptional event. While the average age of associate master and above in the world of shakuhachi is 63.5 years old, she became the only high school student grand master. In high school, participated in the National High School Comprehensive Culture Festival for 3 years in a row. She received praises from Hozan Yamamoto, a living national treasure, in addition to praises from various masters.

Entered Tokyo University of the Arts (Faculty of Music, Traditional Japanese Music Department, shakuhachi major).
The following year, her debut CD single “Hatsune” was issued, which was displayed at the Musical Instrument Museum, the largest music instrument museum in the US.
When she was 19, she had already mastered the Koden Shakuhachi Honkyoku (Watazumido Dokyoku, Fukezen Shakuhachi Honkyoku, Kinko Ryu Shakuhachi Honkyoku, Nezasaha Kinpu Ryu Shakuhachi Honkyoku), and learned the major Sankyoku Gassokyoku pieces, contemporary works and songs. She has also mastered secret works and secret techniques reaching the level of Koden Shakuhachi Honkyoku, and attracts attention as a rare presence in the present day world of shakuhachi.

Age 21, invited as a special guest to Japonský den 2011 held in Prague, and performed at the Czech music museum with the Japanese ambassador to the Czech Republic in attendance. Also performed on national Czech TV, which was broadcast throughout Europe.

◆ Passed the NHK traditional Japanese music audition.
◆ Won the Aoyama music prize newcomer prize.
◆ Was approved 2 years in a row for the Cultural Agency Art Festival Participation Performance, and gave Cultural Agency Art Festival Participation Mamino Yorita shakuhachi recitals at Kongo Nohgakudo, Kyoto, and Aoyama Music Memorial Hall Barocksaal, Kyoto.
◆ Gave a Spring Night Time Special Museum Open Mamino Yorita shakuhachi recital at Miho Museum.
◆ Appeared on DHC Theater Traditions for the Future, which was shown on ANA international flights

(from official Web page)

Saiko Ishida - Flute

Born in Saitama city ,1990.
Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts.
1st place in the 2nd Asian Flute Competition (first Japanese)
3rd place in 18th Flute Convention Ensemble Award Category.
She play "A Small Flute Concerto(by Naotada Otaka)" at the University of Tokyo Morning Concert with Tadaaki Otaka's Philharmonic Orchestra.
Member of "FEAMS(flute quartetto)"

Masato Satake - Oboe(Japan Philharmonic Orchestra)

Born in Saitama City.Graduated from graduate school,university and high school of Tokyo University of th Arts.
2nd place in the 85th Japan Music Competition.
Participated in "Affinis Summer Music Festival 2018".
Member of "Trio Cravates".

Izumi Nishizawa - Clarinet

Born in Saitama city.  Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts graduate school.
Performed at the 32nd Yamaha Rookie Percussion Concert.
1st place in the 9th Junior Wind Percussion Competition.
Member of "Ensemble Pastel(Wind Sextet)","COSMOS Ensemble".

Aika Nose - Horn

Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts graduate school.
Passed the Fresh Concert 2014 in KANAZAWA audition.

Syusuke Ouchi - Fagotto(Japan Philharmonic Orchestra)

Born in Kyoyo city.  Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts graduate school.
Participated in Yamagata Affinis Summer Music Festival 2018.
Member of "Trio Cravates".

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